One thing that all assisted living managers and senior living management firms need to keep in mind is that emotional health and wellbeing is just as important as physical care for seniors.


Our iCan approach allows caregivers to understand a person not only as someone who suffers from illness, but also as someone who inhabits healthy parts and personality that remains even though it seems to be hidden by illness. This therapeutic, multifaceted interdisciplinary approach to activities which blends affordable multimedia technology with the latest in activity design principals in dementia care is an effective method of meeting each resident’s needs for friendship, respect, confidence and creativity. The goal is to provide specialized stimulation creating structure and support by highlighting capabilities, which builds confidence in a failure-free, success-oriented environment.


While activities with their peers can provide a good sense of community and enrich residents’ lives, whether they are in memory care or independent living, interacting with a diverse group of people and multiple age groups often fosters true emotional wellbeing.


Senior living consultants understand this need, and have spent the last 20 years development a variety of Interage Programs that focused on different age groups, interacting with nursing home residents, assisted living residents, and independent living residents.


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