Operational Consulting

At Senior Living Management, we are eager to help you manage your facility in the most optimal fashion and share with you our years of experience successfully operating with assisted living managers and memory care managers.


We approach our work as senior living consultants with one motto in mind: all work is teamwork. If any collective human endeavor is to advance, it is critical to have all participants with their oar in the water pulling for all they are worth with a unity of mission, purpose and desire. Each person must be convinced that it is in his own best interest to win this race. And while it is important for the team leader to create a spirit of team to insure that everyone pulls together and in cadence so that the collective can act as one, no one person on the team can be perceived as more important than another.


Everyone has their role and becomes an essential oar in the water that drives the boat straight and true. There is an astonishing amount of energy available to those who enjoy what they are doing and can find meaning in their work. Results happen when you abandon the “employee” mentality and each person thinks and acts like an owner. As consultants, it is our job to strengthen existing relationships and bring systems and expertise to your team, to produce results.


Our Senior Vice President of Operations, Stan Burton, has spent the last three decades working with assisted living and memory care facilities around the country and has brought that experience and expertise with him to Senior Living Management.


Our operational programming, in concert with the care plan established by your facility’s Director of Nursing or Medical Director, provides the operational aide with a defined agenda for each of the patients in his/her caseload on a daily basis. This is far more than that provided by the majority of other operators, and it directly improves the quality of life and longevity.


Our role as senior living consultants is to find ways to celebrate performance and encourage risk taking. People on the front line must feel supported, appreciated, and valued. Our goal is to bring skills and techniques honed by decades of successful operations management to bear on your project.


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