ALF as SNF Alternative

While no one can doubt the value and effectiveness of Skilled Nursing Facilities, the truth is that many residents have trouble seeing them as a real home due to their nature. SNFs are operating medical facilities, and these living options provide all of the health care needed for an individual, but often few of the comforts of home. Therefore, individuals who are moving into a skilled nursing facility permanently may wish to consider an alternative to the traditional nursing home.


There are several assisted living management firms that pride themselves on providing the antidote to the common nursing home and improving the skilled nursing facility experience. Here, the senior living managers and consultants see themselves as leaders of a care giving revolution; one that values creating smaller, more familiar looking and feeling communities instead of the larger, more institutional feel of some skilled nursing facilities. In fact, assisted living facilities can incorporate 24/7 nursing services, depending on state-specific regulations.


These organizations work with assisted living managers and provide consultation on how they can update and adjust their facility to make residents feel like they have more control and decisions about their daily routines, even if they are under the care of memory care managers. They work on everything from adjusting the physical look and feel of a facility to revamping the way activities and amenities are structured. Often, their involvement can range from providing some do it yourself strategies to being a helping hand in the actual transformation.


As market competition increases around the country as Baby Boomers continue to age into skilled nursing facilities, having a property that looks and feels more like home can be a deal breaker in maintaining optimal occupancy.