Census Development

Census development is an important service that helps occupancy enhancement for senior living managers, whether you operate one location or many.


For assisted living facility census issues, we can provide a complete and thorough market and competitive analysis. We involve both your staff and management in this process of the marketing plan’s development, and third parties only on a limited basis. We can also help implement that plan. We also can provide you with multiple low, or no cost, public relations projects that often will beat results of costly advertising campaigns.


A senior living consultant can help create a roadmap customized for you that would include:


  • An initial visit at the senior living project location or senior management office by our senior living consultant with appropriate executive team members. This first meeting helps us work with you to identify goals and objectives. At this time, we will focus on the tasks for all involved and overview the schedule for completing the project.


  • After this meeting, the Senior Living Management team will visit all facilities included in the census and do both a facility walkthrough and meeting with the senior living management teams. We will also mystery shop all of your competition to get a feel for their marketing strategy and competitive differentiation, services, offerings, and facilities, and prepare for you an indexed comparison of how your facility compares to the competitors.


  • At this time, the senior living consultants will analyze your facilities management team, current marketing plans, and the team’s roles and responsibilities in admission. At point, we will need access to all of your marketing materials, admissions packages, promotional materials, and documents or relative protocols and policies for comprehensive review as well.


  • After visiting all the sites, the senior living consultants will share their analysis in a report that goes to the facility’s management and ownership teams. This report will include the market analysis, a summary of your current efforts and suggested changes in marketing, admissions policies, suggested changes in the facility, such as the potential for a memory care center or expanding such a center. This report will also include a review of your facilities physical attributes in relation to your competition.


  • Within 2-3 weeks of sending the report, our senior living consultant will meet with your facility’s management to discuss the report and answer any questions or comments your management team has. Additionally, the consultant will discuss with your manager any potential role they might play in assisting the staff in implementing what report recommendations the management team approves.


Contact Us to speak to a senior living consultant for more information on census development.