Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is a major concern for all assisted living managers and senior living
management firms in our current economy. Ensuring that the cost of doing business, and
as a result the cost passed onto the consumer, is not only within market levels but within
what the market will bear is essential to thriving and being able to provide the best care at
the best price.


After three decades of experience in assisted living management and memory care
management, we here at Senior Living Management know how important fiscal
considerations are to you as an operator, employer, and service provider. This is why we
offer a variety of analytical services and consulting products designed to help you keep
your costs in check and your facility effective. Here are some of the ways we can help
you manage cost.


Census Development – Census development is an important service that helps occupancy
enhancement for senior living managers, whether you operate one location or many. Our
analysis will involve visits to your facilities, shops of competitor facilities, current team
analysis, and report implementation support. Click here to learn more.


Market and Competitive Analysis – A robust marketing feasibility study is a must-
have planning study that can help developers and senior living managers make the right
decisions for their facilities. While it is best to commission a study in the early stages of
a project, they are also valuable tools to utilize before expanding or modifying offered
services. Click here to learn more.


Operational Consulting – We are eager to help you manage your facility in the most
optimal fashion and share with you our years of experience successfully operating with
assisted living managers and memory care managers. Results happen when you abandon
the “employee” mentality and each person thinks and acts like an owner. As consultants,
it is our job to strengthen existing relationships and bring systems and expertise to your
team, to produce results. Click here to learn more.


Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization achieve its fiscal