Case Studies

At Senior Living Management, we are proud of our proven track record of excellence with our team and client partners. Here are a few of the myriad comments we receive validating and reinforcing the effectiveness of our operating models and compassion of our team:


“My husband, William, was a resident at your facility in New Jersey…During this time, William received excellent care and nurturing by the administrator and her staff. He was monitored and cared for diligently by the nurse and her team of aides. All of the aides treated him with love, compassion, dignity – sprinkled with wit and humor…William’s behavior became very positive and showed marked improvement due to the ongoing medication alignments/revisions and staff watchfulness and monitoring…my family and I thank you for being there when we needed you.”


“During the six years I have been overseeing my father’s care, I have interacted with dozens of health care workers – from aides to nurses to social workers to technicians to doctors and even hospital administrators…I want to put the following comments about the facility in perspective. The first is the love and compassion that the employees give to the residents…the second and equally important factor is the lack of turn over with key staff members as well as the aides who have the most direct contact with the residents. This is an extremely important factor that is largely overlooked and typically undervalued in most health care settings.”


“Although it was a very difficult decision at the time to place my mother at your facility I was comfortable she would be well cared for and handled with compassion and understanding. During the three years that she was there I had several opportunities to visit, always unannounced. I always found the environment to be warm, friendly and very clean. The living areas were peaceful and inviting. The food always smelled and looked delicious. The staff was great when my father visited and cared as much about his well being as my mom’s. I will always appreciate the staff’s willingness to take time to explain to me what was happening and where we were going. It was especially difficult to try to manage my mother’s care long distance, but the staff made that task much easier.”