Senior Resources

Senior living consultants utilize research and education to ensure the highest accuracy and quality in the advice and information we provide to assisted living managers and senior living management teams. Senior living consultants has developed extensive online databases for a variety of roles associated with senior living, including assisted living managers, skilled nursing managers, independent living managers, memory care managers, and industry vendors.


Some of the resources you might find valuable in your management role include:


  • The American Health Care Association ( is the leading national association for long term care providers and with which all or most state associations are affiliated.


  • The Assisted Living Federation of America ( is the largest national Assisted Living Association. Again, most state Assisted Living Associations are affiliated.



Access to great information to make informed decisions requires great resources, but it also needs professional support that understands that the market expectations vary dramatically throughout the US and, therefore, a senior living manager must surround him or herself with an experienced senior living consultant and professional support team.