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Memory care management is a multi-layered practice that is charged with providing heightened quality of life and care to a vulnerable and in-need population. Unlike assisted living managers or other senior living management firms, memory care managers face a unique set of challenges that requires creativity and passion to solve effectively.


Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are increasing at a rapid rate because of the aging population. The segment of the population with the highest percentage of growth is the elderly. The percentage of the population with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to be 10% for those over 65 and nearly 50% for those over 85. It is estimated that 5.3 million people in the U.S. currently have Alzheimer’s disease and that 14 million will have it in the year 2050. Management believes the Alzheimer’s market is under- served and that demand will increase faster than supply.


The primary method to slow the further progression of dementia is to create an active life for the individuals with the disease. By keeping them mentally and physically active in congruence with a specifically design diet, the residents will have a more fulfilling life with less effects of the disease.


Early on in the disease, residents can adjust their lifestyle by making notes to supplement memory loss and establishing routines for their medications, location of keys, glasses, dentures and other important items. In this way, Alzheimer’s disease strikes families particularly hard. Considering the complexity of the disease and needs of the residents, it’s not surprising that families turn to professionals for help.


One of the greatest challenges is crafting an operational model that finds a way to service the facility on a reasonable budget while also providing the one on one attention and care to residents they deserve.


Senior Living Management has designed a┬ámodel to work in concert with your individual care plan established by your facility’s Director of Nursing or Medical Director for each resident, thus providing the recreational aid with a defined agenda for each of the patients in his/her case load on a daily basis. This is far more than that provided by the majority of other operators, and it directly improves quality of life and longevity. Savvy assisted living managers and memory care managers, in facilities that need a turn around and even those who don’t, can benefit from our researched and vetted memory care management model.


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